The fabulous art of foiling...


When the brief is to make something super special, my attention often turns to foiling.

With the ‘Ribbonwood’ project, the shape and required size of the logo lent itself perfectly to the use of foil emboss (achieved with a special fluted foiling die). A counter force is applied during foiling which means one process only for both foil and emboss. This results in perfect registration.

The perfect way to add a premium, luxurious touch, foiling brings a little bit of bling to proceedings but in a controlled, classic way.


The dies we use for foil emboss are usually brass and CNC finished, with a resin counter to push the paper stock into the shape of the die, laying down the foil too. Additional print features like texture could potentially be added at the same time.


Here is a simple but effective use fluting or foil emboss. The brief was originally to have a clear foil emboss onto a dark card. The client particularly liked a rustic Cairn board – but clear foil looked a little silvery/misty on the stock.

We suggested using a fluted finish instead to give an exclusive high end feel and made the die accordingly. We then made several proof copies using different colour foils on the selected card before the client chose a gunmetal finish. We used the same die on some compliment slips for the same project, maximising the use of the die – which can then be re-used for other future projects.


If you’d like to find out more about the potential of foiling or have a project in mind which you’d like some help with, why not get in touch with The Print Lady?

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